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Tuesday, November 08, 2011



Well, there's always room for jello! lol

Just kidding! I was going to suggest a brownie recipe I have but since you're looking for something other than chocolate, you wouldn't want that.

Tara R.

Maybe something like apple crisp? Would you be able to do ice cream sundaes?


The first idea that popped into my head was a chocolate fondue fountain with fresh fruit and marshmallows. I went to a wedding once that had 3 different chocolate fountains one milk chocolate, the other white chocolate and I think the last one was mint chocolate. You could also do an ice-cream Sunday make your own bar with a variety of ice-creams and toppings. I think either of these would be fun for the kids and nice for mingling and something to talk about since you are the last stop. But you didn't want chocolate so another idea is funnel cakes with self serve toppings. Or a cupcake bar with different non chocolate flavours. good luck :)

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